Junior Member Announcement

March 14, 2024

**Welcome Kye Butler to the Dragons Den 🐉**

We are excited to announce Kye Butler as our newest Junior Member at the Dragons Den! Kye has decided to shift his focus towards his bowls career, aiming to excel in his upcoming junior states competition before transitioning to the senior divisions.

This past weekend, Kye made his debut for the Dragons and left a lasting impression by securing a great win in his Div 2 Max Morris game, partnering with his fellow junior player, Xavier Parkinson. Their performance was truly commendable!

As we look ahead, our new Junior Program is set to kick off after the culmination of our Max Morris and PLQ season. This program will involve intensive training sessions where our 5 talented boys, including Kye, will closely work with our esteemed Bowls Manager, Dale. The focus will be on enhancing their skills both on the green and mental toughness.

Let’s rally behind our junior members as they embark on this exciting journey! 🐉 Go Dragons 🐉