April 22, 2024

Welcome to Perfect Trail Coaching with Kelly McKerihen, your go-to resource for all things related to trail running. Kelly McKerihen is a seasoned trail runner with a passion for helping others reach their peak performance on the trails. With her expert guidance and personalized coaching programs, you can take your trail running to the next level.

Whether you are a beginner looking to tackle your first trail race or an experienced runner aiming for a new personal best, Perfect Trail Coaching has a program tailored just for you. Kelly’s holistic approach to coaching focuses on not only physical conditioning but also mental preparation, nutrition, and injury prevention. This comprehensive approach ensures that you are fully prepared and equipped to excel in your trail running goals.

Perfect Trail Coaching offers one-on-one coaching sessions, group training programs, and personalized training plans to fit your schedule and goals. Kelly’s experience and expertise will help you improve your trail running skills, build endurance, and conquer any obstacles in your way. By enrolling in Perfect Trail Coaching, you are joining a supportive community of like-minded trail runners who share your passion for the outdoors and pushing boundaries.

Don’t let the challenges of trail running intimidate you. With Perfect Trail Coaching, you can gain the confidence, skills, and knowledge you need to thrive on the trails. Take the first step towards becoming a stronger, more confident trail runner with Kelly McKerihen and Perfect Trail Coaching. Your next trail running adventure awaits!